The Truth About Shingles
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In this book; it is my intention to identify medical, holistic, homeopathic, dietary and other proven options available for the treatment and cure of the shingles virus as of the spring of 2017. The book also will present dangers regarding the only vaccine currently available to combat shingles. 
Here's a few of the chapters:

-Stress and Shingles
-Genetics and Shingles
-Holistic Treatments
-Homeopathy Explained
-Shingles Prevention and Treatment Foods
-Chinese Herbal Therapy

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​Learn The Truth
James Christensen is an author who has done extensive research on the shingles virus. He wanted to provide the public with useful, relevant options as shingles continues to be a major concern for many people in various countries around the globe. Some individuals MAY NOT have medical coverage available to them to offset the cost of the vaccine and therefore must know the limitations,dangers and concerns of this option. One concern being the vacine has a limited window of effectivness.
​ James wanted to dispel the myths about shingles. He felt that one of the most damaging myths is the one involving vaccination. Apparently, some people have been made to think that if they get vaccinated, they are immune from shingles for life. This is not true. As Prevention magazine explains, "While it's true that the vaccine (Zostavax) greatly reduces your risk of getting shingles, it doesn't drop the odds to zero."
James has tackled this myth in his book, Shingles Rash Treatment Truths: Hidden Vaccine Dangers Exposed. The book, which came out in 2017, is available on as a Kindle eBook.

"My main purpose and hope is to provide the reader with information which could erase or eliminate their pain and discomfort as quickly and effectively as possible. Bringing various options in combating this painful virus to their attention while keeping the book as affordable as possible to maximize its availability. "